Love Your Sensuality

Discovering and Loving Your Sensual Self


What is Sensuality?

What does it mean to be sensual? Believe it or not, how you answer this question serves as the cornerstone for how great, luke warm or just plain bad your current or future sexual experiences are and will be. Ask the average person and they will describe sensuality as the foreplay a couple experiences before the act, gazing into each other’s eyes during coitus or even holding and caressing his or her partner afterward. While these described behaviors evoke the spirit of sweetness and caring all people should feel at some point in time, they all fail to fully convey what the term “sensuality” is all about.

Sensuality in some cases has absolutely nothing to do with sex! In fact, sensuality transcends intercourse! Being sensual is about being in tune with all five of your senses. Sensuality allows you to experience feelings of euphoria and bliss in non-sexual situations. Have you ever been eating a wonderful meal at a great restaurant where you’ve proclaimed that the dish was better than sex? Or have you ever been walking quietly along a beach on a warm morning with the waves lapping at your feet feeling as if everything was right in the world for that moment? The rush of endorphins we experience from these feel good moments heightens our sensitivity to the world around us, makes us feel oh so good, and is the driving force behind sensuality.

Why is being sensual so important, you ask? I’ll preface this portion of the entry by asserting that whenever I speak about having sex I am speaking about experiencing it within the context of a committed or serious adult partnership unless I explain otherwise. With this being said, I believe that sensuality is crucial for the well being of your sexual self. Anyone can simply perform intercourse and experience all the wonderful feelings that the act affords you. Without sensuality, however, we are left without the ability to fully understand the capabilities of our bodies leaving it up to our partners to tell us what feels good. In these cases, we typically do not feel this way again until the next time our partner acts upon us. Being sensual is about feeling the rush of aforementioned endorphins outside of the bedroom (car, park, pool or where ever else you like to have a go at it) and maintaining this sensitivity during your bedroom gymnastics creating a sense of ultimate ecstasy and intimacy between you and your partner.

This blog will be a space dedicated to discovering your sensual side and learning how to be comfortable with it no matter your background. Live and love your sensual self!!!

So… Who Are You Anyway???

My name is Erika and I am a licensed professional counselor, sexologist and a certified personal fitness trainer. I have been completely fascinated with the topic of sexuality for about as long as I can remember- the age of 10 to be exact. I became interested in the professional of sexology about 14 years ago and within that time I have amassed a collection of about a hundred books, numerous sexuality videos, attended several conferences/workshops and read countless pieces of literature pertaining to the field of human sexuality. I am currently in the process of receiving my sex therapy certification.

For those who don’t know, a person wishing to become a sex therapy must become certified to do so but this is only possible after the person obtains at least a masters level degree in a mental health field and becomes licensed by his or her state. Going to a sex therapist for a sexual issue is similar to a woman seeing a gynecologist for her annual exam.  Most medical doctors, if not all, know how to perform a simple PAP test, but most women tend to go to a specialist whose job it is to know all there is to know about women’s’ nether regions. Similarly, sex therapists are specialized professionals who have gone through many hours of training in multiple areas pertaining to sexual problems. We are essentially experts in the realm of sexual health.

I am also a certified professional fitness trainer and I combine my personal training experience with my experience as a professional sexologist to approach the topic of sex from a holistic viewpoint. I noticed many years ago that those people who have confidence in themselves and love for their bodies were more likely to enjoy good, healthy, and meaningful sex. I even have a 60-Day Holistic Program that addresses emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual health.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and the information I share with you as I continue along my own glorious emotional, sexual, physical fitness and spiritual journey (we all have these, right?).  Feel free to ask questions, share your comments on my page and or email me privately with topic requests at  The wonderful thing about my field is that it continually evolves so there is always something to learn. We will learn together how to be the best versions of our sensual selves!

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I Find your expertise to be quite necessary, for those who are unhibited and willing to explore themselves evermore in health. I have considered sexual therapy for a while now. I first came upon the notion in 1997. I ahve always thought it to be a necessity to learn the techniques to better sexual health physically.

    I am notlicenced nor do I possess a masters. However I have reviwed articles into this subject. Within the african community, much of this information is needed,unlike other cultures, for instance asia who make it their business to stay abreast women sexual health care. In our community emotional,spiritual health is the core to all other healthy practices such as sexual health.

    I am very please to have someone like you available.


    Ms. Tiyh

    • Thank you so much for your comment Tiyh! And you’re absolutely right. There are other countries that are completely ahead of the ball on this topic (there are also quite a few countries that view counseling as integral to overall health as well unlike the U.S.) It’s a shame that certain parts of the U.S., particularly regions like the Midwest, are very tight lipped about discussing anything sexual even when it’s to our own detriment. It’s time to make a change and often times the only thing it takes is not necessarily for someone to DO something but for someone to CONCEPTUALIZE it differently. That’s what you’re doing and I appreciate you!

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